SM Head and Moon

All Those Things I Told Myself To Forget (and to make it through), Master Post

Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit sexual content (I personally regard that as a perk but maybe you do not), violence, language, blood, off-screen murder, severed body parts, non-explicit John/OFC, abduction + prisoner situation
Genre: angst, drama, case fic (well, several cases actually), romance
Word Count: 41959

After over a year of not talking to each other John did not expect to meet Sherlock in that pub. In fact, if he'd known that Sherlock would be there, he wouldn't have gone inside in the first place.

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Art Master Post | Author's Notes

SM Head and Moon

All Those Things I Told Myself To Forget (and to make it through), Author's Notes

Master Post | Epilogue

There are a bunch of people whom I need to thank.

First of all: wiccaqueen, who encouraged me to do this, who listened to my first rough plot draft and who inspires me. Thank you, love.

[personal profile] adrianneb78239 for her artwork and her patience with my special wishes. It’s very much appreciated and I do like the end results very much.

 Another thank you to the mod of johnlockbigbang for hosting the challenge and doing all the orga work.

There is also subtlemagic, who’s been my first beta for this as well as my Consulting Chemist. I honestly have no clue about Chemistry but she helped me with all that and made me look good xD

Then there’s

myloveshine , who agreed to beta this despite not liking Sherlock or even watching it. I’m forever grateful that she took the time to read and beta this story for me. You make me a better writer and, what’s more, you make me want to be a better writer. All you do for me and did for this story is so very much appreciated. And look: I’ve finished a project! The first one in years :D

Last but certainly not least, Iris, aka consultinginsomniac, my partner in crime and my third beta. Thanks to her insight into the characters, her obsession with grammar and style, her eye and appreciation for good smut (because without her help the porny bits would just be clunky and less sexy than they {hopefully} are now) and her absolute devotion to go over all of the ~42,000 words to help me make this the best fic it can be ... I have no words for how much that means to me. <3

This has been an adventure as well as a constant source for frustration. The amount of times I’ve hit a wall and complained to one of my lovely ladies up there about not knowing how to continue, let alone make the characters do what I want ... They were all incredibly patient with me, acting as my sounding boards, handing out suggestions and always telling me that I could do this. Without them this fic would not have been possible.

The title comes from Steve Carlson’s amazing song “I’ll remember you”. It’s one of my favourite songs and (quite accidentally) fits this fic rather well. I highly encourage you to go check it out.

If you’re interested, there will be additional info and visual aids. I’ll be posting them to AO3, where this will become a series, called I’ll Remember You (yes, after the song that gave this fic its title). I don’t want to give away too much but there are flat layouts and an alternate version of one scene, told from John’s POV. There’s also an annotated map of London. There are also going to be some things from the Epilogue. So, if you’re into that kind of stuff as much as I am, you’re welcome to check it out. (Although give me a few days because first I need some sleep!)

And, nearing the end of my wordy thank you speech (what else would it be? I should count the times Iris or Christina told me to not be so wordy all the time xD), let me just say THANK YOU for reading and possibly commenting on it, or leaving kudos. It means a lot to me to know that you liked my work or took the time to tell me what it was that you thought to be problematic.

Master Post